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Providing Management Services for your Small Business

Start-Up · Daily Operations · Expansion · Consolidation

Running a successful business takes more than providing a great service or product. It takes
the time and manpower to oversee daily business tasks. Broadpoint Consulting Services (BCS)
handles these tasks so small business owners can focus on getting the job done right and
growing their business.

BCS has the experience and knowledge to assist in any aspect of your business:
Business start-up
Customer scheduling
Human resources
Business expansion
Business consolidation
Succession planning
Agreements and contracts

About Us

Ben Scheulen built Broadpoint Consulting Services from the ground up, starting his career as a CPA at a prominent accounting firm and becoming the Chief Financial Officer for a nursing home company in 2004. It was here that Ben found his true calling in making critical business decisions and overseeing daily operations. With over two decades of experience in business management, he now proudly owns and operates his own nursing home company.
“My journey to this point has been shaped by a profound understanding of effective business operations. With 25 years of hands-on experience in all aspects of launching and running companies, I started Broadpoint Consulting Services (BCS) with a clear purpose: to assist fellow business owners in navigating the complexities of launching and maintaining successful companies.
BCS is here today due to my deep understanding of what it takes to operate a thriving business. From business start-up, managing day to day operations, expansion and consolidation Broadpoint is here to meet your business needs.” – Ben Scheulen

Our Clients

Officially launched in 2023, BCS marked its beginning with the acquisition and management of two nursing homes, Jefferson City Manor & Steelville
Senior Living.  Broadpoint provided start-up services for Elevated Drone Services in 2023 and now provides management and accounting support as the business continues to grow.  Broadpoint owns and operates a indoor training facility and manages a local youth baseball team.

Our Vision

At BCS, we are committed to equipping business owners with the necessary resources and guidance for sustainable success.  

What sets us apart in business management is our ability to apply trusted principles across diverse industries.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide business owners with the support to cultivate skilled employees and ensure enhanced customer satisfaction through successful business ventures.

 The Scheulen Family


Broadpoint Consulting Services